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Commercial and Agricultural Loans

Citizens National Bank is excited to assist local businesses with their needs. Whether you're planning to purchase real estate, equipment, machinery, vehicles, or obtain a line of credit for operating your business, we are here to help! Citizens National Bank offers a variety of terms, payment methods, and options for commercial purposes. Our loan specialists are experienced in commercial lending of all types.

What makes Citizens National Bank's Commercial Loan Officers different?

Citizens National Bank has a variety of terms and options for our business customers. We look at a variety of factors in loan determinations, including cash flow analyses, payment history, as well as our own history and relationship with our customers and their businesses. CNB also considers the collateral being purchased or utilized and the type of loan. Unlike other banks where loan officers may be unfamiliar with hometown businesses and our economy, CNB's loan officers are all local consumers who grew up in Southeastern Ohio and know this area well. Most importantly, since our loan officers are from this area, they want to help our businesses grow and prosper for both their personal satisfaction and the betterment of our communities. Below are some examples of commercial loans:

Agricultural Loans

  • Examples include purchases of farmland, machinery, or livestock, as well as lines of credit
  • A variety of fixed and variable rate loan options are available, up to twenty year terms
  • Get fast approval time and loan processing to quickly expand or improve your operations

Real Estate Loans

  • Commercial and investment rental properties are a specialty of CNB's loan officers
  • Several options are available for business purpose loans secured by residential real estate
  • Our fast turnaround on business loans allows you to improve and profit off property sooner

Other Business Loans

  • We accept a variety of collateral, such as commercial vehicles, business equipment, or machinery
  • Terms, rates, and conditions can be flexible with commercial or investment property loans
  • Secured lines of credit are available for commercial purposes (purchases or improvements)

*Contact a loan or credit officer regarding commercial or agricultural loans for more information: 1-740-962-4565

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