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Residential Loans

Whether it's your very first home or you're looking to move or upgrade, Citizens National Bank offers a variety of loan products and options to help you achieve your dreams. Our home loan specialists are with you every step of the way, guiding you through one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Our residential loan experts live in your community, so they know the local real estate and housing market.

What makes Citizens National Bank's Residential Loan Officers different?

We aren't the kind of bank where loan officers' hands are tied by credit scores. Citizens National Bank looks at a variety of factors in loan determinations, including credit history and payment history, as well as our own history and relationship with our customers, the value and type of housing or land being purchased or used, and the affordability of loan payments. Unlike other banks where loan officers may be unfamiliar with our area, CNB's loan officers are all local people who grew up in Southeastern Ohio and know this area well. Most importantly, since our loan officers are from this area, they want to help the citizens of Southeastern Ohio achieve their goals and dreams for both their personal satisfaction and the betterment of our communities. Below are some examples of residential loans that our home loan expert can provide you:

Home Purchases and Construction

  • Our knowledgeable residential loan experts will guide you and simplify the entire process
  • Quick approval time and speedy loan processing gets you in your home faster than other banks
  • Our closing costs and fees are comparatively lower than most banks and save you money
  • We offer a variety of accommodating terms for both fixed rate and adjustable rate products
  • Buy or build the home of your dreams by contacting one of our home loan officers today!

Home Loan Refinancing

  • We can refinance your existing loan, whether you're bringing it to CNB or already have it with us
  • Take advantage of our variable rate loans with payment terms that are suitable for your needs
  • Lower closing costs and fees compared to other banks makes refinancing an affordable option
  • Loan modifications may be available for current customers to modify their rates or terms
  • Refinance your existing loan and use the additional funds to build onto or upgrade your home

Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Use your home's equity to upgrade your house, make repairs, or even for other purposes!
  • Make advances from your HELOC by writing checks or depositing directly into your account(s)
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a line of credit to complete all of your projects around the house

Other Home Equity Loans

  • Second residential loans (commonly called "second mortgages") are available for your home
  • Borrow against the additional equity in your residence in a closed-end second loan
  • Complete additional projects around the house with a regular payment and loan term

Community Employment Discounts

  • Employees of Morgan and Franklin Local School Districts and Miba receive additional benefits!
  • Get special breaks on both residential and personal loan rates with CNB auto-payment
  • Receive discounts on other services, including safety deposit boxes, wire transfers, and more!
  • Lower minimum deposit required ($100) for higher annual percentage yield on IRA!* 

*Contact a loan officer regarding residential loans for more information: 1-740-962-4565.

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