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Overdraft Protection

Because of how complex checking accounts and transactions have become, concerns have grown about overdrawing accounts. Stop worrying about forgotten auto-payments or late-clearing checks. With Overdraft Protection, your checking account is covered! Your Overdraft Protection is a line of credit that advances at increments based on how much you need, and then allows you to pay it back later!

Avoid costly overdraft or returned check fees due to outstanding checks or mistimed payments

  • Overdraft protection accounts are available in a variety of limits based on your credit needs
  • Advances from your overdraft line of credit are in small amounts so you only use what you need
  • Pay it all back automatically in small payments or pay more or more frequently to avoid interest
  • Contact one of our loan officers today to inquire about applying for Overdraft Protection!

*All loan product rates, terms, and line of credit limits are based on several factors including credit worthiness, payment history, and our customer's relationship with Citizens National Bank.

*Overdraft Protection is a revolving loan product that assesses interest on the unpaid balance. Interest will be charged from the transaction date until balance is paid in full.

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