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Monetary Services

In addition to our array of deposit accounts, loan options, and long-term savings products, Citizens National Bank also offers a variety of other monetary services that benefit our customers. Whether you need cash now or need to purchase a monetary instrument, we are here to help:

Cash Advances - Your Money On Demand!

Whether you're obtaining funds from your debit or your credit card, you can always access your money quickly with a cash advance. Citizens National Bank offers free cash advances, so you can withdraw money whenever you need without any charges from us.

Coin Counting - Turn Cents Into Dollars!

Whether you've stockpiled your pennies to save for a vacation or found some loose change in your couch cushions or car compartments, bring your coin into one of our bank lobbies and turn it into some serious cash! Coin counting is free for all Citizens National Bank customers. Non-customers pay a low fee of seven percent of the total coin, with a minimum charge of $3.00.

Personal Money Orders - Securely Pay Anybody!

There are a lots of reasons to purchase a personal money order. Whether you don't want to wait for a check to clear your account, would prefer to keep your account information confidential, or simply cannot pay with a personal check, personal money orders are available to help you securely pay anybody, for a low fee of $2.50 per money order.

Savings Bond - Save Now and Redeem Later!

Savings bonds are no longer available at any financial institution in paper form, but our experienced staff can research the value of your savings bonds or redeem them easily at any of our locations. You can still purchase savings bonds online via the U.S. Department of the Treasury's web-based system, TreasuryDirect.

Wire Transfers - Send Money Across the Country!

If you need to securely send payments from your Citizens National Bank account to another financial institution account, then wire transfers may be the option for you. You can securely transfer funds in an encrypted bank to bank transactions. For outgoing wire transfers, there is a $25.00 fee per wire transfer, enabling you to send money anywhere in the United States. For incoming wire transfers, there is a $10.00 fee per wire transfer.

*Contact our specialized staff for more information regarding any of these services:

Phone: 1-740-962-4565


Or visit a CNB location today!

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